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VDA 6 Part 4 – 3rd Edition 2017 QM System Audit Production Equipment


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Preface to the 3rd edition 

Production equipment is one of the key factors for success in the automotive industry.

This industry-specific standard focuses on the quality of production equipment and tools

and on the cooperative collaboration with customers.

The publication of DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 has mandated a revision of the VDA 6.4

standard as this specific standard expands upon DIN EN ISO 9001.


It acts as support for the quality management systems of vehicle manufacturers and their system

and parts suppliers.

With this VDA standard, all VDA QM system standards have been brought in line with each other.


This VDA publication supports especially the collaboration between the automotive industry and the production-equipment industry. It describes key requirements and basic conditions for an efficient quality management system as well as providing concrete recommendations and successful best-practice/best-in-class methods.

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