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In today’s global economy, most businesses are aware they must continually improve to survive. Even if you are a world leader in your industry, you must be constantly improving faster than your competitors to maintain and grow profitability.

In many cases it is relatively easy to make individual short term savings but harder to execute a programme delivering sustained cost reduction. The key to reaching and sustaining world leading competitiveness is to have a vision of the future state of a process and a strategic plan for making the vision a reality.

The Industry Forum approach to lean transformation is built on involving the company leadership team and workforce, applying improvement tools and techniques and making change happen in a sustainable manner.

Industry Forum’s expert practitioners will work with you and your staff to develop the best approach for your business which will typically involve:

  • Diagnostics – Understand the current situation and prioritise the needs of the business
  • Development – Develop a tailored programme to deliver your requirements
  • Implementation – Thorough training, coaching and mentoring of your employees
  • Follow up – Regular visits to ensure sustainability

Your Lean Transformation programme will be unique in timing and content and dependent on the needs of the organisation. Typical IF product and service offerings utilised may include:

A successful lean transformation programme requires the commitment of people at all levels to develop and support the initial phases of activity. As capability increases and benefits are obtained the programme becomes self-supporting both in time and cost. Industry Forum will work with you to develop the most cost effective programme to deliver your business objectives.

The programme will deliver the targeted deliverables in terms of Quality, Cost, Delivery and People performance. All Industry Forum activities aim to deliver improved capabilities so that your teams can continue activities to drive long-term improvements.

Industry Forum is working with Electrolux to develop the Electrolux Management System (EMS) program

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