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At Industry Forum we pride ourselves on being experts in the helping manufacturing organisations to improve their competitiveness. We believe that vision and strategy are the starting point for developing the foundations of the business. Having a solid business plan, the right metrics, business process structure, organisation structure, leadership and compliance to an International Quality Management System are all absolute essentials for survival in a competitive world.

As the UK’s only licenced provider of VDA QMC training for the last decade, you can be assured of our ability to provide training which is generated by the VDA QMC directly to highest standard. Our trainers receive direct input, materials and guidance from VDA QMC working groups. This provides us with the unique ability to disseminate the training in the way it was intended, to maximise knowledge transfer and understanding within your organisation. The full range of our VDA QMC courses can be found below. If you have any questions regarding which course best suits your requirements, please contact us.  

We can offer end to end training solutions to improve your competitiveness. Not only do we offer training in VDA QMC standards, we can also provide you with implementation and audit support. More details can be found here

IF's VDA QMC Training Courses: