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Pre-Audit Gap Analysis and Auditing Services

We can perform audits for you, supporting you with first (internal) and second (supplier) party audits.

Some reasons why you might like to outsource (subcontract) your audits:

  • You are looking to access new markets and need to understand the process gaps in meeting their sector standards; 
  • You have been developing your quality management systems and want an independant gap assessment before applying for 3rd party certificaton or approval; 
  • You are looking to achieve international best practice, such as the JIPM excellence awards for Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) or the MMOG/LE supply chain evaluation; 
  • There needs to be an independent assessment of your manufacturing process; 
  • To increase competencies of your team, by pairing them with experienced auditors; 
  • You expect new customers and want to check your process (gap analysis) before investing in internal competencies; 
  • You don’t have spare resources for internal audits; 
  • Your customer has requested it; 
  • You want to independently assess your suppliers.

Our Approach

Our auditors will develop, together with you, an audit program that suits your organisation, should it be a one-off exercise or a longer partnership of first and second party auditors. This will be crafted individually to your current needs.

If your customer is VW, we will utilise necessary additional VDA QMC 6.3 audit content as per Formel Q Capability Appendix.

Our Team

For Automotive customers, we have a team of experienced VDA QMC and IATF experts, who are also licensed VDA QMC trainers and IATF witness auditors.

Within our team we have extensive expertise, covering strategy, management systems, new product introduction, manufacturing systems and supply chain. We have experience across many manufacturing sectors so are able to provide consultants with relevant industries and sectors.

How we do it:

  • Plan of audit activities with the client – on site/remote;
  • Develop individual audit agenda – remote;
  • Perform the audit – preferably on-site, however can be achieved remotely;
  • Discuss findings – preferably on-site, however can be achieved remotely;
  • Present report – on-site/remote;
  • Support corrective actions definitions (if required);
  • Evaluate effective actions implementation (if required).

Contact us to schedule your audit or pre-audit assessment. 

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