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Leadership Development Programme

Your Manufacturing Leadership have a significant effect on the sustainability of all improvements made in your workplace. This is why Industry Forum have developed the following range of programmes designed to concentrate on the practical deployment of lean techniques within their own work area alongside the key interpersonal skills they need to lead a team effectively.

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Team Leader Essentials (TLE)

The Team Leader Essentials programme is a unique hands-on approach to leadership training within a manufacturing operations environment.

The course adopts a unique approach with a real world, ‘day in the life of’ experience that teaches both the technical and interpersonal skills in a simulated factory setting.

The Team Leader Essentials course is designed for Functional Heads, Managers, Team Leaders and Supervisors within a Manufacturing Operations environment.

The training is intense and is suited to highly motivated individuals with ambitions to make an impact inside their organisation.

This unique training programme provides delegates with the opportunity to practice both the operational and behavioral skills required to successfully lead a manufacturing operations team. Those who participate in the programme will:

  • Gain the necessary skills to manage the daily operations of a team within a manufacturing environment
  • Learn how to enable your team to achieve the required production quality, cost and delivery targets by maintaining standardised working methods
  • Enable delegates to set expectations by clearly defining roles and responsibilities, motivating people both as teams and as individuals with a focus on learning management actions required to pinpoint performance levels and maintain team effectiveness

See full details of our Team Leader Essentials programme on our training pages or enquire now for more information about how we can up-skill your manufacturing leaders.

Manufacturing Manager Training (MMT)

The Manufacturing Manager Training programme is an intense and advanced level approach to management training within a manufacturing operations environment, for those who manage and support supervisors / team leaders / cell leaders.

The programme has been designed in accordance with and influenced by a study conducted by the Automotive Industry Partnership, that analysed all job roles and identified critical skills and responsibilities for each position.

The Manufacturing Manager Training programme will provide delegates with the in-depth skills required to become a Transformational Leader through a blended learning approach comprising of:

  • A suite of teach-point modules for essential knowledge
  • Interpersonal skills needed for dealing with supervisors / cell leaders
  • Team members and potential conflict
  • Auditing current processes
  • Interactive discussions & debates
  • Coaching and situational mentoring

Who should attend:

The four day Manufacturing Manager Training programme is designed for those leading, supporting and managing operational Supervisors within a manufacturing environment. It is ideal for those who are about to start in this role or who are in role but require intermediate level training to develop their capability. 

See full details of our Manufacturing Manager Training on our training pages or enquire now for more information about how we can up-skill your manufacturing leaders.

Senior Leadership Training (SLT)

A leader is someone who sees how the individual elements of an organisation fit together and work to create the larger outcome.

The Senior Leadership Training is designed to give delegates the required skills and knowledge to increase operational performance at all levels of an organisation.

The Senior Leadership Training is a 8 day course for a maximum of 6 delegates. The training is aimed at anyone with responsibility for raising performance and achieving operational or business objectives through people. The course is a mixture of activities, debriefs, short presentations, and discussions to fully engage delegates, to ensure maximum participation and learning. Delegate’s  existing strengths are built upon , whilst their areas of development addressed. The Senior Leadership Training is for those who are at the frontline and  those who hold leadership roles on an operational level,– those who need to make things happen. The course has been developed in response to discussions with a wide range of senior leaders – to meet the leadership and other development needs that they believe are lacking, yet essential to tackle the challenges their organisations face. The SLT begins with a benchmarking PRISM assessment, which is completed ahead of the training. A more in-depth Prism assessment is then repeated at the end of the course, to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the delegates utilisation of the increased effectiveness 

The course can also be tailored and run for your own organisation. 

See full details of our Senior Leadership Training on our training pages or enquire now for more information about how we can up-skill your manufacturing leaders.

Module Options:

Daily Management


Start of Shift

Support during the shift

Visual Management

Waste Awareness (8 Wastes)

A3 Thinking

Basic Data Analysis

Effective Communications

End of Shift Review

Problem Solving

Standard work

Giving & Receiving Feedback

Line Balance

SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Dye)


Advanced Lean Tools

Understanding value

Lean Assessment

Overview of leadership

People Management

Financial Awareness

Sustainability Importance Attributes & Methods

Supporting Business Strategy

Process & Policy Adherence

Standards (IATF 16949, ISO, IIP)

What is Recognition


Effective Communication


PRISM Brain Mapping Assessment

Charismatic and Influential Leader

Culture Change – Transformational Leader

How to Structure for Change


Emotional Intelligence

Conflict Management

Policy Deployment


Authentic Leadership

Change Management

Charismatic Communication

Coaching Deployment

Employee Engagement

Equality & Diversity

Influencing and Persuading Others

Key Performance Indicators

Leadership Behaviours and Styles

Learning and Learning Styles

Learning Process Framework

Perception of Others

Performance Management

Personal Development Planning

Personal Resilience

Professional Workplace Coaching

Resource Management

Self Awareness

Stakeholder Management

Stress Management

Team Working

Time Management

Work Based Project