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Volume 19 Part 1 – Inspection of Technical Cleanliness


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Short description to VDA Volume 19

The consortium responsible for drawing up the draft of this guideline has also participated as a national working group in compiling the first public edition of the ISO 16232 series. Among other things, the final report differs in the fact that the contents are more detailed and that examples have been included, usually listed either as “Comment” or “Example” or with the addition of “Informative”. With a view to the ISO 16232 series, the following subjects have been dealt with either additionally or in more detail.

  • Scope of application and validity
  • Agreement on cleanliness inspection (informative)
  • Simplified cleanliness inspection – monitoring variations (informative)
  • Selection of inspection method (informative)
  • Appropriate clean handling of test components
  • Extraction procedure set up and validation and blank test
  • Case examples.


A Scope of application and validity
B Selection of the inspection method (informative)
C Clean handling of test components
D Extraction procedure set-up and validation (Qualification tests and blank value)
E Extraction methods
E.1 Pressure rinsing
E.2 Ultrasonic techniques
E.3 Functional test bench
E.4 Agitation
F Analysis methods
F.1 Filtration
F.2 Gravimetry
F.3 Microscopy (LM, REM)
F.4 Element analysis (EDX)
F.5 Light extinction particle counters (APC)
F.6 Direct inspection
G Documentation
H Definitions, Abbreviations and Symbols
I Bibliography (informative)
J TecSa Industrial alliance (informative)
K Case Examples (Informative)
K.1 Case Examples (Informative)
K.2 Examples of routine tests
K.3 Example of a special case– pump


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