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Human Resources Consultancy

Industry Forum understands that the post-COVID world has presented HR personnel with new challenges. We are all required to do ‘more with less’, and those that remain, need to be skilled to be as effective, efficient and resourceful to support organisational efficiency.

Many will be required to take on new responsibilities, as job roles expand to take on tasks previously managed by people who have now been made redundant. How can you keep your employees engaged in challenging times? Employees need to feel like they are being supported. Providing training is just one tool in the arsenal to ensure companies “survive and thrive”. 

Industry Forum will:

  1. Support you to support your people
  2. Help HR functions address the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis head on by providing expert support, to help build a positive, professional, productive team
  3. Help move to a positive outcome with our tried and tested restructuring and outplacement approach.

We understand that you want to fully support your employees to move on positively and with confidence to new opportunities.

HR services include:

Management Training, in topics such as restructuring & outplacement processes

General HR & Commercial Advice

HR Consultancy

Online Training Packages

Group Training

Strategy support for businesses undergoing a directional change

For a confidential discussion about how Industry Forum can support your HR challenges, please email.