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BSI – BS EN ISO 14064 2: 2019 (Digital Copy – PDF)


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What is ISO 140642 – GHG reduction measures about?

ISO 14064 discusses greenhouse gases (GHGs). ISO 14064is the second part of the multi-series on GHGs and specifies principles and requirements and also provides guidance at the project level for the quantification, monitoring and reporting of activities intended to cause GHG emission reductions or removal enhancements.

ISO 14064includes requirements for planning a GHG project, identifying and selecting GHG sources, sinks and reservoirs (SSRs) relevant to the project and baseline scenario, monitoring, quantifying, documenting, and reporting GHG project performance and managing data quality.  The ISO 14060 family of standards is GHG programme neutral. If a GHG programme is applicable, the requirements of that GHG programme are additional to the requirements of the ISO 14060 family of standards.

Who is ISO 140642 – GHG reduction measures for?

ISO 14064on GHG reduction measures is useful for:

  • Industries emitting GHGs
  • Climate regulatory authorities / emission monitoring bodies
  • Environment protection authorities
  • Government authorities

Why should you use ISO 140642 – GHG reduction measures?

Climate change arising from anthropogenic activity has been identified as one of the greatest challenges facing the world and will continue to affect businesses and citizens over future decades. Climate change has implications for both human and natural systems and could lead to significant impacts on resource availability, economic activity, and human wellbeing.

ISO 14064provides detailed principles and requirements for determining baselines, and monitoring, quantifying, and reporting project emissions. ISO 14064focuses on GHG projects or project-based activities specifically designed to reduce GHG emissions and/or enhance GHG removals. ISO 14064provides the basis for GHG projects to be verified and validated.

ISO 14064includes requirements for determining GHG emission and removal boundaries, quantifying an organization’s GHG emissions and removals, and identifying specific company actions or activities aimed at improving GHG management. ISO 14064also includes requirements and guidance on inventory quality management, reporting, internal auditing, and the organization’s responsibilities in verification activities. ISO 14064guidelines help you to comply with emission regulations and also monitor your progress in becoming environmentally responsible.

What’s changed since the last update?

BS EN ISO 140642:2019 supersedes EN ISO 14064-2:2012BS EN ISO 140642:2019 includes some technical and editorial changes with respect to EN ISO 14064-2:2012.

These includes:

  • The concept of additionality and the baseline scenario has been changed
  • Text related to the Kyoto mechanism has been deleted
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