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Last Update: 12 April 2021


Visitor and External Premises COVID-19 Policy


We have undertaken COVID-19 risk assessments for all our operations. In line with government guidelines, we are working at home where possible but please be assured that our email and phonelines continue to be monitored and we are responding to enquires during our usual office hours of 8:30am – 4-30pm. We are offering customers support virtually wherever practical. Where this is not practical please see the following guidance in relation to i) visitors attending the SMMT IF offices and ii) our staff working on external premises.

Visitor Policy (IF Office, Birmingham)

We have re-organised the layout of our offices to ensure social distancing of 2m can be achieved and hygiene stations are in situ throughout the building.

You MUST NOT attend the office if you have recent onset of any of the following symptoms of coronavirus;

  • A new continuous cough
  • A high temperature
  • A loss of, or change in, your normal sense of taste or smell (anosmia)

If you have symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19), however mild, OR you have received a positive coronavirus (COVID-19) test result, the clear medical advice is to immediately self-isolate at home for at least 7 days from when your symptoms started. Do not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital. You should arrange to have a test to see if you have COVID-19 symptoms which can be arranged by contacting the NHS, here.

You should consider alerting anyone you have had close contact within the last 48 hours to let them know you have symptoms of COVID-19. If close contacts include people you have interacted with on SMMT IF premises or SMMT IF staff members, please inform the SMMT IF Health and Safety Officer Leanne Brend.

If a member of your household has symptoms of coronavirus, you must isolate for 10 days regardless if you have symptoms or not. Do not attend the Industry Forum office.

Please do not attend the office if:

    • You are directed to self-isolate by the NHS Test and Trace Service.
    • You have traveled from a country which requires you to quarantine in the last 14 days prior to attendance on site.
    • You live in an area of the UK where national or local authorities advise against going to work or non-essential travel.

Attending the SMMT IF Office and Learning Centre

Attendance at the SMMT IF Office and Learning Centre must be pre-agreed with your host or via booking a training course; please do not turn up unannounced. You may be asked to arrive at certain times so we can achieve social distancing on entry to the office. Please try to adhere to your time wherever possible. If you are unable to meet your slot or are running late, please contact the office on +44 (0)121 717 6600

On arrival at the SMMT IF Office and Learning Centre there is a hygiene station which we encourage you to use. Throughout the building there are hygiene stations at strategic points e.g. on entrance to Learning Centre, in break out areas. We respectfully ask you to follow the instructions around the office such as traffic routes and use of shared facilities. Please wear a face covering at all times (except for taking refreshments and meals) especially when moving around communal areas – open corridors, stairs, refreshment area and toilets unless exempt for medical reasons.

If you have any concerns, please let your host know and they will contact the appropriate member of staff to discuss your concerns with you.

Our staff working on Customer and other external sites

In line with Government advice, all activities will take place virtually unless it is agreed between Industry Forum and the customer that attending customer and external sites is required for the  activity to be effective. Site based activities can only take place subject to national and regional restrictions. No international site activity is currently possible. Any agreed onsite activity will require agreed COVID secure processes to be completed, agreed by the client and IF.

All on-site client activity will need to be authorised by the Director of Operations prior to it happening. This will be reviewed with HR and H&S Manager.

IF Requirements for Working on Customer Premises

  1. The client must demonstrate they have processes in place to protect against COVID and they are adhered to. See below for further information on these. These will be reviewed by the IF H&S manager and Director of Operations
  2. Social distancing of 2m must be achievable, 1m+ is not acceptable in meeting rooms
  3. Activity can only take place in enclosed meeting rooms where there is ventilation
  4. IF and accompanying client personnel to wear facial covering throughout, even when socially distanced, unless exempt for health reasons (exception only for refreshments).

Our staff are instructed not to attend company sites if they or a household member has COVID-19 symptoms and are instructed to be tested in line with government guidelines. Our staff will not attend customer and other external sites if they are directed to self-isolate as a result of NHS Test and Trace, if they are directed to quarantine as a result of travelling abroad or if they live in an area where national or local authorities advise against going to work or non-essential travel.

We will inform the company if a member of staff who has attended their site subsequently has symptoms of, or is confirmed to have, COVID-19. This will be undertaken in line with PHE guidelines.

Prior to agreeing to attend customer and other external sites we will request to see your COVID-19 policies and procedures in place.

Our staff are instructed to comply with all the COVID-19 arrangements of the site they are attending including hygiene and social distancing measures.

Our staff are supplied with anti-bac products and face coverings.

Our staff who are travelling on work related reasons are encouraged to regularly use lateral flow tests to minimise risk.

Visitor and External Premises Co-vid 19 Policy                                             Rev 6.0 (12/04/2021)

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