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Problem Solving for IATF16949:2016


Consistently IATF highlights Problem Solving as the most common nonconformity. There are plenty of steps your organisation can take to enhance its problem-solving capabilities and in an IATF 16949-compliant manner.


2 days

  • Wed 02 Oct
    2 days, 08:30 AM - 04:30 PM
    • £1,095.00 excl. VAT


This problem solving for IATF 16949 course helps companies prepare themselves to meet the requirements of the standard. It’s a practical approach to problem-solving that focuses on empowering employees with the knowledge of how to address issues.

The term ‘8D’ is commonplace in engineering and manufacturing organisations these days. However, IATF 16949 does not mandate ‘8D’,and organisations tend to focus more on the ‘8’ than the ‘D’.

The ‘D’ stands for ‘disciplines’ and throughout the two-day course we will continue to emphasise that having the organisational discipline to follow the steps, is as important at as the steps themselves.

Who should attend?

Engineers of any background or specialism, Managers and Leaders; Production operatives.  However the principles of problem solving, and the techniques explained are also just as applicable to those in non-technical or non-managerial roles.

Course Outline

The course uses practical case study examples to follow:

  • The 8 disciplines (8D) of problem solving
  • When to apply 8D
  • Fundamentals of 8D, including the need for a cross-functional team
  • Leading Expertise
  • Proven Capability
  • Attainable Results
  • Robust Execution

Benefits and Learning Objectives

The course aims to furnish you with guidelines as to when to apply 8D, an understanding of the ISO 9001 & IATF16949 expectations around non-conformity management & problem solving along with techniques & considerations for team member selection.  You will also gain useful tools and techniques for robust problem definition, conducting root cause analysis, selecting appropriate counter measures and capturing/sharing lessons learned from the problem-solving activities.


Upon completion of the course you will receive an Industry Forum certificate of attendance.

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