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The Team Leader Essentials programme is a unique hands-on approach to leadership training within a manufacturing operations environment.The course adopts a unique approach with a real world, 'day in the life of' experience that teaches both the technical and interpersonal skills in a simulated factory setting.The Team Leader Essentials programme will provide you with the skills required to become an effective and competent Manufacturing Operations Team Leader through an immersive blended learning approach comprising of: a suite of eLearning modules for essential knowledge practical interactive manufacturing operations factory simulation interpersonal skills needed for dealing with team members and potential conflicts

Customer Case Study:

When Liberty Pressing Solutions acquired Cov Press, it was losing over £3 million a year and in catastrophic supply status, meaning it was unable to quote for new business. Historically, Cov Press had suffered what Liberty described as a serious lack of investment across all areas of the business, but particularly in the training of its employees, who were disengaged from the organisation.Liberty Pressing has now turned around its fortunes by developing the Liberty Manufacturing Operating System (LMOS), which Industry Forum and its People Development Programme has been a fundamental element.Find out how Industry Forum worked with Liberty Pressing Solutions to make a "big difference" and why the programme is the "most successful turnaround project" that Plant Director, Stephen Hemming has ever been involved in.Not only that, but how the programme delivered net savings in the first 12 months totaling over £300,000. 

Choosing Industry Forum as a partner was the best thing we could have done for our staff and our business. Waheed is a very passionate and professional consultant, al lattendees on his courses benefited from his experience and knowledge.  We very much look forward to working with Industry Forum and Waheed in the future.

Matthias Hochholzer, AST Plastics  

Who should attend: 

The three day Team Leader Essentials course is designed for those leading operational teams as first line leaders. It is ideal for those who are about to start in this role or who are in role but need training to develop their capability. 


Upon completion of the course you will receive an Industry Forum Team Leader Essentials Certificate.  The course also provides an opportunity for delegates to go on and aquire a nationally recognised qualification with a further work-based project.

Benefits and Learning Objectives: 

This unique training programme provides delegates with the opportunity to practice both the operational and behavioural skills required to successfully lead a manufacturing operations team.

You will gain the necessary skills, through learning and practice, to manage the daily operations of your team in a manufacturing environment; ensuring efficient operations in achieving business targets.You will learn, through effective team work and planning, how to enable your team to achieve the required production quality, cost and delivery targets, by maintaining standard working methods, quality and safety standards.The skills gained will enable delegates to set expectations by clearly defining roles and responsibilities, motivating people both as teams and as individuals with a focus on learning management actions required to pinpoint performance levels and maintain team effectiveness.

Topics covered: 

Include an introduction to:

  • Daily Management (Day In The Life)
  • Start of shift planning and communication
  • Performance monitoring and support
  • End of shift performance review
  • Lean Foundation Principles
  • 7 Wastes
  • Workplace Organisation
  • Standard Working Methods
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Data Analysis
  • Visual Management
  • Autonomous Maintenance
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Coaching
  • Effective Team Working
  • Effective Communication
  • Conflict Management

Introduction to IF

We have been delivering significant and measurable performance improvements for leading global manufacturers for more than 25 years and believe there is no one size fits all approach to driving competitiveness across the industry. Toyota, Rolls Royce and Electrolux are among the brands who have tapped into our expertise to ensure they remain on top in their own fiercely competitive markets.

Why Choose Industry Forum: 

Industry Forum helps major global manufacturers understand, optimise and improve both manufacturing capability and business performance.

An integrated team of consultants, practitioners and seasoned expert engineers with multi-sector manufacturing experience Industry Forum brings together a world-class combination of improvement competency, insight, process and best practice.Spanning automotive, aerospace, construction, consumer appliance, electronics and food sectors, for over 20 years Industry Forum has planned and delivered some of the world's most consistent and successful transformations for business-critical manufacturing operations.

Our trainers have a wealth of technical expertise and often provide on-site advice and coaching. During every course we will encourage collaboration and sharing of practical experiences, ensuring learning can be put into context and empowering delegates to apply their new skills successfully in their workplace as well as making sustainable improvements.

Course booking details: 

Leading Expertise
We don’t employ “trainers”, rather a team of experienced industry experts who are able to apply their knowledge to your business

Proven Capability
We have been helping organisations like yours for over 25 years to deliver and maintain sustainable improvement

Attainable Results
We know what’s possible and how to help you achieve it by utilising our tried and tested techniques for long term success

Robust Execution
We believe that training should be through a ‘learn by doing’ approach with coaching and mentoring wherever possible

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