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In 2005, the industry-specific standard Automotive SPICE®, derived from the new ISO 15504 International Standard (IS) for software process assessments, was published by the Special Interest Group Automotive. This mandatory method is consulted more and more as an objective process evaluation and for the process improvements resulting from it on the project and organisational level.

Initial Situation

The market demands for environmental-friendliness, safety, economic efficiency and user-friendliness require innovations with increasing complexity at shorter and shorter intervals. The shorter development periods connected to this and the increasing requirements on reliability make the improvement of the development processes indispensable.

Scope of Automotive SPICE®

In principle, automotive SPICE® has two dimensions: the process dimension and the process capability dimension. The processes in the process dimension are based on the ISO 12207 that has been extended and modified with automotive-specific additions. The process capability dimension corresponds to the six process capability levels as they are defined in the ISO 15504. An ISO 15504-compatible assessment model is available for conducting assessments.



Process Capability Dimension

The lowest level (Level 0) means that not all processes are carried out and therefore, certain important work products (plans, specifications, design documents, test descriptions etc.) do not exist.

In Level 1, all important documents are available; in Level 2, everything is systematically planned and tracked; in Level 3, there are uniform guidelines for the complete organisation,and in Levels 4 and 5, the processes are statistically measured and optimised.



Process Dimension

This illustration lists the different processes that the ISO 15504 International Standard (IS) examines. Moreover, the processes that have been adjusted (A) and additionally newly implemented for Automotive SPICE® are marked (orange). The HIS scope as the minimum requirement of the processes to be examined in an assessment is highlighted in blue.




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