Industry Forum

Industry Forum is working with Owens Corning to roll out the tools and techniques of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) across all of their plants to increase process and plant reliability.

As a consequence, Owens Corning hopes to have all of its plants ready for the JIPM TPM Award by 2018.

“It has been a great experience to work with Industry Forum these last two years. We’ve been learning a lot…it’s a great partnership and we’re ready to share our experiences with other business within the group.”

“Industry Forum is helping us to change our operations mainly in the way that they coach and teach because they challenge us in a very good way.”

“We are seeing results in less downtime in our machines, better quality, less waste and for sure in the bottom line we see we have some big savings.”

Luis Martins, Vice President, Global Operations, Glass Reinforcements, Owens Corning



“The scheduled visits every six to eight weeks to come into the facility really team with us and help us do all that is required to ensure we understand we are on track with the programme.”

“They go above and beyond ensuring that the trainer supplied during the process was meeting the needs of our facility”

“The key to success is getting sustainability and it was after one or two years as we started to see the culture change moving towards a culture of continuous improvement that we knew this approach was working for us.”

Chuck Taylor, Plant Manager, Owens Corning, Jackson Tennessee Facility