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Team Leader Essentials


The Team Leader Essentials programme is a unique hands-on approach to leadership training within a manufacturing operations environment.


3 days


The course adopts a unique approach with a real world, 'day in the life of' experience that teaches both the technical and interpersonal skills in a simulated factory setting. The Team Leader Essentials programme will provide you with the skills required to become an effective and competent Manufacturing Operations Team Leader through an immersive blended learning approach comprising of: a suite of eLearning modules for essential knowledge practical interactive manufacturing operations factory simulation interpersonal skills needed for dealing with team members and potential conflicts.

Who should attend?

The three day Team Leader Essentials course is designed for those leading operational teams as first line leaders. It is ideal for those who are about to start in this role or who are in role but need training to develop their capability.

Course Outline

Include an introduction to:

  • Daily Management (Day In The Life)
  • Start of shift planning and communication
  • Performance monitoring and support
  • End of shift performance review
  • Lean Foundation Principles
  • 7 Wastes
  • Workplace Organisation
  • Standard Working Methods
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Data Analysis
  • Visual Management
  • Autonomous Maintenance
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Coaching
  • Effective Team Working
  • Effective Communication
  • Conflict Management

Benefits and Learning Objectives

This unique training programme provides delegates with the opportunity to practice both the operational and behavioural skills required to successfully lead a manufacturing operations team.

You will gain the necessary skills, through learning and practice, to manage the daily operations of your team in a manufacturing environment; ensuring efficient operations in achieving business targets. You will learn, through effective team work and planning, how to enable your team to achieve the required production quality, cost and delivery targets, by maintaining standard working methods, quality and safety standards. The skills gained will enable delegates to set expectations by clearly defining roles and responsibilities, motivating people both as teams and as individuals with a focus on learning management actions required to pinpoint performance levels and maintain team effectiveness.


Upon completion of the course you will receive an Industry Forum Team Leader Essentials Certificate. The course also provides an opportunity for delegates to go on and acquire a nationally recognised qualification with a further work-based project.

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