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Material Requirement Planning (MRP ) Essentials


Material Requirement Planning (MRP) is a vital component in the supply chain. It acts as the systematic bridge between master planning, purchasing and production. MRP helps determine requirements and maintain priorities.


1 day


The Introduction to Materials Requirement Planning course assists experienced planners, beginners and other manufacturing professionals to understand the fundamentals of MRP. Through classroom discussion and practical, hands-on exercises, this course will help attendees gain a firm understanding of the principles and functions of MRP in the manufacturing process.

Who should attend?

The course is ideal for experienced practitioners or as a refresher along with people new to supply chain and professionals from other areas such as Operations Managers, Finance and Engineers who want a basic understanding of MRP.

Course Outline

  • Define MRP
  • Map the flow of MRP
  • Detail MRP objectives and functions
  • Work with MRP inputs and outputs
  • Use bills of material, lead-time offsetting and exploding
  • Work with the MRP planning grid calculations
  • Perform the MRP BOM explosion process
  • Define the role of the MRP planner
  • Understand the causes of MRP change
  • Detail the MRP planning process

Benefits and Learning Objectives

Understand the objectives and functions of MRP.
Work with the different types of demand placed on the inventory resources of the company.

Use MRP-generated action messages when performing MRP output maintenance. Determine when it is time to release manufacturing and purchase orders.
Develop performance measurements to determine the effectiveness of the MRP in priority management.

By the conclusion of the course, attendees will have acquired practical tools to make MRP environments work more smoothly, increase productivity and reduce operational costs.


Upon completion of the course you will receive an Industry Forum certificate of attendance.

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