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Change Agent Training

Course Overview

Have you recognised the need to have key personnel in your organisation trained to drive your lean transformation programme?

Do you need people who possess the skills to achieve ‘buy-in’ to the change process and have in depth knowledge of the lean foundation tools?

The Change Agent Training programme combines the lean techniques and interpersonal skills required by those who will be driving and leading change within your organisation. The programme incorporates practical deployment of the four step structure for successful improvement in an area of your workplace as well as skills for overcoming barriers to improvement. The programme runs for 25 days over a 4 month period.


Programme Overview

This programme combines theory with practical application of the foundation lean tools and key leadership skills to ensure your change agents have the knowledge and experience required to train teams in lean techniques, drive change and ensure sustainable improvement.


Between the main delivery phases the change agents have time to further deploy the techniques in the model area, ensuring that the learning phase is consolidated and that current performance measures in the model area are improved.

Price on application.

The Return On Investment

The Change Agent Training Programme delivers immediate business benefits:

  • Returns a payback within months, typically 4:1 during the life of a project and 2:1 every year thereafter
  • Improves your current Quality, Cost and Delivery performance measures
  • Embeds structured and sustainable continuous improvement in your organisation
  • Imparts skills and techniques that can be cascaded throughout your organisation
  • Supports the achievement of your organisation’s strategy and objectives
  • Embeds the ‘culture of change’ within your organisation

Client Review

“The main benefit of the Change Agent programme was it actually demonstrated how all of the improvement tools worked in practise. Seeing actual results has added to the motivation of our employees to further improve our processes.”

Graeme Pearson, Logistics Manager, Calsonic Kansei Europe.


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