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What is Office TPM?

Office TPM is the seventh pillar and concentrates on all areas that provide administrative and support functions in the organisation. The pillar applies the key TPM principles in eliminating waste and losses from these departments. The pillar ensures that all processes support the optimisation of manufacturing processes and that they are completed at optimal cost.

How is the Pillar implemented?

The initial preparation stage for the pillar ensures that the goals and objectives for each department are aligned to the organisation’s vision and mission. There are then five key activities that the Office TPM pillar undertakes within an appropriate timeframe.

The Office TPM team implement office versions of Focussed Improvement, Autonomous Maintenance and the Training and Education pillars to establish sustainable, performing processes. They deploy a flexible staffing policy to allow departments to manage peak workloads, without overstaffing, and a prioritised improvement program, by loss analysis, against the goals and objectives set in the preparatory activity phase.

What are the benefits of the Pillar?

Office TPM benefits organisations by eliminating losses in the administrative systems across the whole organisation and into the extended supply chain. This delivers cost reductions in the organisation’s overheads as well as supporting improvement and sustainability of the manufacturing process efficiency.

The application of Office TPM also benefits the organisation by developing support functions that react flexibility to changes in customer requirement and that ensure a strong brand image is maintained.

Office TPM Pillar Training

Industry Forum offers an Office TPM 2 day training course delivered by expert practitioners with direct experience of Total Productive Maintenance. For further information, or to book a place on the course, please click here.

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