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Early Management

What is Early Management?

Early Management is the fifth pillar of TPM and aims to implement new products and processes with vertical ramp up and minimised development lead time. It is usually deployed after the first four pillars as it builds on the learning captured from other pillar teams, incorporating improvements into the next generation of product and equipment design.

How is the Pillar implemented?

There are two parts to the Early Management pillar: Early Equipment Management and Early Product Management. Both approaches focus on using the lessons from previous experiences to eliminate the potential for losses through the planning, development and design stages.

For Early Equipment Management, the goal is to introduce a loss and defect free process so that equipment downtime is minimal (zero breakdowns), and maintenance costs are all considered and optimised, from commissioning onwards.

Early Product Management aims to shorten development lead times, with teams working on simultaneous activities so that vertical start up can be achieved with zero quality loss (zero defects).

What are the benefits of the Pillar?

Effective Early Management implementation will deliver reduced product and process introduction lead times, improved Overall Equipment Effectiveness and the ability to deliver in volume at the right quality from production start-up. Cost savings will be delivered both during the introduction phase and throughout the equipment or product life cycle.

Early Management Pillar Training

Industry Forum offers an Early Management 2 day training course delivered by expert practitioners with direct experience of Total Productive Maintenance. For further information, or to book a place on the course, please click here.