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Common issues are holding back some automotive supply chain companies looking to gain the new IATF 16949 quality management before the deadline of September 2018.

The new IATF 16949 standard is an internationally-recognised method of defining how an organisation can meet the requirements of its customers and other stakeholders. It promotes continual improvement, places an emphasis on defect prevention and aims to reduce variation and waste in the supply chain. By providing guidance and tools to ensure that products consistently meet customer requirements, the IATF 16949 certification process can help businesses identify potential efficiency gains and cost savings.     

Many holders of the ISO/TS 16949 quality management certificate looking to transition to the new IATF 16949 standard are struggling to achieve compliance. Global IATF 16949 audit result data reveals several hundred companies have faced major non-compliances in the areas of non-conformity and corrective action alone, with problem-solving, control planning and contingency planning also catching manufacturers out.

There is a concern that many will fail to meet the transition deadline of September this year and face commercially damaging consequences where achieving the certificate is a customer requirement. Some are still yet to apply for the new standard.

Industry Forum is the UK’s only IATF (International Automotive Task Force) accredited organisation. The deadline is fast approaching for the automotive supply chain to transition from the ISO/TS 16949 quality management certificate to the new IATF 16949 standard. Although transitions must be completed by September 2018, many holders of the old standard have yet to apply for the new one and many businesses currently applying for IATF 16949 certification are encountering difficulties.

We at Industry Forum are seeing common issues among the companies we are brought in to support around the world. IATF 16949 audits are uncovering less rigorous risk management processes in departments supporting manufacturing, such as purchasing and HR. IATF 16949 also requires new ways of working in internal auditing and the documentation of corrective actions where non-compliance is uncovered. Interpreting the regulations is proving something of a challenge and that’s certainly something on which we at Industry Forum can provide clear guidance.

To help businesses and organisations proactively anticipate these issues and more besides, Industry Forum runs a one-day Masterclass on the most common non-conformities, provides IATF Certified training to help with transition to IATF 16949, and offers expert consultancy, mentoring and advice for transition. Industry Forum is also able to offer standard training packages around Internal Auditor, Lead Auditor and Automotive Core Tools. The company develops bespoke solutions to help and support companies in their transition process and also in the closure of non-compliances identified during their transition audit. 

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