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CQI-8 Layered Process Audit Guideline


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Key elements of the revised CQI-8 guideline: ” Integrates LPA with management of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) so that LPAs have a positive impact on business results. ” Expands ownership beyond the Quality function ” Suggests the role of the LPA Planning Team ” Promotes utilization of LPAs in non-manufacturing areas (e.g. Engineering, Purchasing, Program Management, etc.) ” Recommends Roles and Responsibilities for LPA (RASIC chart) ” Provides expanded guidelines for writing effective LPA checksheet questions ” Explains of the audit process in more detail ” Promotes measuring effectiveness of LPA, and then adjusting accordingly ” Clarifies deployment of LPA via process-specific LPA checksheets ” Describes conducting the Audits and Recording the Findings ” Makes clear the importance of Top Management Review and LPA metrics ” Provides specific suggestions to improve an existing LPA system

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