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20% off Open Courses and Publications Until 30th September* Use Code: sumskills at the Checkout

“Unprecedented”, “unparalleled”, “extraordinary” – all words we are hearing on a daily basis. Many of us had never heard the word “furlough” before and it’s quickly become one of the most used words of the year. Think back to New Year’s Eve, and all you wished for the year ahead. Many of us dreamed of improving ourselves, be that losing weight, working out more, or improving our skills. No one could have anticipated the turn of events which followed; all of our best laid plans – kiboshed.

Make your year extraordinary for the right reasons

But, in true glass half full style, the year is only half done! We don’t have to give up on our aspirations and it’s no time to be complacent. As the challenges ahead of us compound, more people are applying for less jobs. You can protect yourself and make sure your CV demonstrates that you are the best you can be by finally achieving that qualification you have always aspired to hold. We are pleased to offer a number of options to support individuals during these difficult times as part of our Summer for Skills campaign.

20% off open courses and publications until 30th September 2020*

All open courses attended (in person or virtual) up to and including the 30th September 2020, are subject to a 20% discount by using code: sumskills at the checkout. This means you can enjoy our new virtual courses during your staycation or furlough, for less than ever before. For individuals funding the training themselves, we can look to provide flexible payment options.
NEW! Publications are now included in this Summer for Skills offer! To benefit from the discount on books, click here and use the code: sumskills at the checkout. 
  1. This offer is not valid in conjunction with any other offer or discount (SMMT member discount etc).
  2. Discount is only valid on open course bookings made after 17th July 2020 and attended by 30th September 2020 or publications purchased by the 30th September.
  3. To qualify for the courses discount, the first day of the course must be on or before 30th September 2020.
  4. Flexible payment terms on courses must be agreed prior to booking.
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