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Global MMOG/LE has been developed jointly by Odette and AIAG as a unique Supply Chain Management (SCM) capability assessment tool that can be used throughout the global automotive industry, as well as across other industry sectors. Since Version 1 was launched in 2003, the tool has been regularly updated to take account of the latest developments in SCM.

A global team representing Odette and AIAG developed Global MMOG/LE Version 5 (V5) to ensure that the constant evolution in supply chain processes, logistics and communications technology, IT security and related audit standards are incorporated in to the standard.

Global MMOG/LE V5, released for use from 2nd July 2019, will quickly become the required standard for self-assessment by automotive suppliers. It incorporates several key new additions, such as expecting companies to have a risk management process in place to ensure continuity of supplies when the organisation is required to deviate from normal operations, and cyber security practices to ensure company data is secure both internally and with third party partners, and especially whilst in transit.

Customers will be announcing their V4 to V5 migration plans over the coming months, giving suppliers sufficient time to ensure that their operations can meet the new standard, as V5 will quickly become the norm for self-assessment of automotive supplier sites across the world.

Another important development is that the Global MMOG/LE V5 assessment will not be published as an Excel workbook, and will only be available through the application.

Release 1 of was launched in September 2018, incorporating the MMOG/LE V4 assessment catalogue. It is already being used by many supplier sites and early adopters are able to submit assessments prepared in

The application includes all the functionalities found in the Excel workbook but also offers additional features expected from a state of the art IT tool (such as audit trail, user access management, data security, multi-language etc.) and is flexible enough to be used by large corporations, as well as smaller organisations.

Release 2 of is now available and includes a number of enhancements, the most significant of which are:

• a secure internal email system to facilitate the exchange of MMOG/LE assessments and feedback between suppliers and customers;
• the inclusion of the recently approved MMOG/LE V5 catalogue. release 2 allows the use of both the MMOG/LE V4 catalogue and MMOG/LE V5 catalogue. Using now to complete a V4 assessment will save you time and costs when you need to start using V5.

SMMT Industry Forum staff participated in the global development team throughout the process and are ideally positioned to support Global MMOG/LE users through the transition to V5. For more information, contact us at [email protected] or phone us on +44 121 717 6600 to speak to one of our experts.

Want to know more? Industry Forum offers essentials training for awareness, and practitioner training for those tasked with completing the assessments: 

MMOG/LE Version 5 is now available.

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