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Qualification as an ACS Expert in Automotive Cyber Security Management System Audits (ID 432)

Course overview: 

Under the terms of UN Regulation 155, Automotive Cyber Security Management Systems (ACSMS) can be audited with reference to ISO/SAE 21434. This 2-day training course provides participants with the Automotive Cyber Security skills required for such audits (at OEMs, suppliers and other contracting partners in the automotive industry).

This course covers cyber security, vehicle architecture and ACSMS auditing. Participants will apply the lessons learned using a large number of practical examples and exercises. Alternating lectures and group work. The group sessions help participants transfer the lessons learned to their own professional practice. Special attention is paid to the options for sharing experiences.

Who should attend: 

This training is aimed at all those expecting to join an audit team in the role of ACS Expert, in the context of an ACSMS audit (internal audits, supplier audit or certification audit), or intend to share this role as ACSMS lead auditors.


The requirements for attending the training are:

  • An educational qualification (e.g. degree) in mathematics, computer science/IT, science or technology
  • Expertise in auditing processes (e.g. pursuant to ISO/IEC 19011)
  • Expertise in the following areas would be an advantage:
  • Information security pursuant to ISO/IEC 27001, or
  • Functional safety pursuant to ISO 26262
  • Access to ISO/SAE DIS 21434. If your firm does not have access to this standard, it can be purchased from the publishers Beuth Verlag.


Upon successful completion of the course examination you will receive a VDA certificate confirming your qualification as an ACS expert for Automotive Cybersecurity Management System Audits.

Benefits and Learning Objectives:  

By the end of this course you will:

  • Be able to assess all the technical aspects of an ACSMS audit as an Automotive Cyber Security Expert (ACS Expert).
  • Have in-depth knowledge of cyber security, in particular that relating to vehicles.
  • Be familiar with methods for identifying automotive cyber security risks.
  • Be familiar with methods for verifying and validating automotive cyber security measures.
  • Have in-depth knowledge of cyber security incident response procedures.
  • Be familiar with the auditing requirements as set forth in the VDA publication “Automotive Cybersecurity Management System Audit.”

Topics covered: 

Day 1

  • Cyber Security
  • Vehicle Architecture
  • Cyber Security Risks
  • Cyber Security Test
  • Cyber Security Audits

Day 2

  • Cyber Security Incident Response
  • Auditing

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