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Formel Q - Compact Training (for VW Group Suppliers) (ID 516)

Course overview: 

Formel Q, translated as Formula Q, defines a set of customer specific requirements that VW Group expect their suppliers of production parts to integrate into their organisations. These requirements should be understood and incorporated into all requests for quotation with VW Group and apply right across the product life cycle.Any organisation submitting a quotation to VW Group is expected to have read and understood these requirements and to apply them within their organisation and supply chain.This training course has been developed by VW Group in conjunction with VDA QMC and includes a mix of trainer delivered presentations and group work. Delegates will be provided with a full set of course material including copies of the Formel Q publications

Who should attend:  

Executives and personnel from all areas of the organisation including development, purchasing, manufacturing, logistics and quality assurance. 


After passing the knowledge test you will receive a VDA certificate of qualification.

?Topics covered: 

  • Formel Q basic overview  
    • Formel Q-concrete 
    • Formel Q-QPN integral 
    • Formel Q-Capability with the annex for process audit
  • Formel Q in the query/placing phase 
  • Formel Q in design cooperation with VW  
  • Formel Q in product approval  
  • Formel Q in process approval  
  • Formel Q in serial operation
  • Explanation of some applications (e.g. QPN, self audit, QTR) 
Date & Time Venue Cost Availability Take Action
01 Jan 1970 - 01 Jan 1970
12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Birmingham , United Kingdom 22 Yes Book
27 May 2022 - 27 May 2022
03:13 PM - 03:13 PM
Birmingham , United Kingdom II Yes Book
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