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It is no secret that employees are right at the heart of any business, so it is important that they remain engaged so that they can continue to provide a high quality of work. Whether your employee is completely new or has been in the business for decades, is an apprentice or at an executive level, it’s important that everyone feels like they are making a contribution to the organisation’s objectives. This can be done by having a good quality management system that aligns throughout the entire business.

The benefits of having employees engaged in their work can be obvious, but it’s how we get them to be engaged that can be the issue. Here are a few examples of how, by utilising an excellent management system, you can work towards a more focused and dedicated workforce.

Goal Setting

All businesses should have goals and various types of them. From the top-level overall business goals right down to goals of the next marketing campaign, having something to aim for and towards is important. After you have clearly identified your business goals, these should be communicated to all employees in the business so that collectively, everyone is aiming for the same thing. By doing this, everyone can begin to understand the larger pictures of the company and will identify how their job can help contribute to those goals.

Continuous Learning

The continual development of all members of staff is crucial for if you want to better the team that you have and make them want to stay as your employees. Investing in the right people can pay dividends in the longer term. By first assessing the capabilities of your employees, you can work with them to identify gaps in their knowledge of which you can then train. By doing so, you are essentially investing in your employees which may create more engagement and also result in a better service delivered by them. By using training records as per your management system, you can track progress across the business and see what the next stages are.


As with most areas of business, communication is key. It’s important that you keep communication open with all members of your team and converse regularly. Whether this is to clarify on work that is being done or to see how an individual is getting on with a specific task, communication shows interest. Whether this communication is done via email or in person is completely dependents on the size and logistics of your business.


By having regular appraisals and/or reviews with employees ensures that they are heading in the right direction in terms of their work and gives you the opportunity to set any personal goals. In these appraisals, there can be discussions on workload, work difficulty and any challenges they feel they face. All of which can be used to better their experience and in turn, their engagement at work. This can also assist with employee motivation as it gives them the opportunity to discuss positive and negative feedback which can be used to better their role and bring confidence.

Rewarding & Sharing Success

Rewarding good performance in work is one of the easiest ways to engage employees as it gives them the confidence that they are doing their work well and are making an impression. Whether you set up a reward scheme to give back to your employees or you do so verbally every now and then can motivate others to work harder also. This helps to encourage both good behaviour and positive work engagement.

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