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Industry Forum specialises in improving the competitiveness of manufacturers. Our unique order winning philosophy helps companies to understand their basis of competition using six dimensions of competitiveness: Quality, Cost, Delivery, Flexibility, Products/Technology and Customer Experience. Once the basis of competition is clearly understood we help companies develop their organisational capabilities to be able to compete on their chosen dimensions ultimately delivering “order winning” performance.

We specialise in developing our clients capabilities using our unique model to convert customer demand into customer satisfaction underpinned by one, or more, of the competitive dimensions. Our expertise is entirely focussed in the four capability areas of, Competitive Strategy & Management Systems, New Product Introduction and Lifecycle Management, Manufacturing Operations and Supply Chain Management; and we have a track record of over 20 years delivering measurable performance improvements across all dimensions of competitiveness.

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Industry Forum offers the broadest range of consultancy and training services across the manufacturing landscape, IF has been helping to make manufacturers more competitive for over 20 years.


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The results below show the improvements that our customers have been able to achieve over the past 3 years.


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Industry Forum can provide a range of services to help improve your organisation’s manufacturing. We don’t offer one single standard solution, instead we get to know your organisation, your people and the environment within which you operate before working with you to find an approach that is tailored to your requirements, meeting your specific needs and addressing your most pressing challenges.

Industry Forum can provide you with a range of expertise to support initiatives from large manufacturing improvement programmes across a multi-site organisation to single projects in an individual plant. Industry Forum has a proven record of helping manufacturers of all sizes achieve their operational goals.

From design right through to implementation we pride ourselves on our ability to transfer the necessary skills to your people and to ensure that you benefit from tangible and sustainable improvements to your business.


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